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PCAD™ – Certified Associate in Data Analytics with Python

PCAD™ – Certified Associate in Data Analytics with Python certification validates that the individual demonstrates proficiency in Python data acquisition, cleaning, manipulation, modeling, analysis, and visualization techniques. The credential confirms the holder’s expertise in the field of data analytics, such as decision-making under uncertainty, data-based decision-making, predictive modelling, and model selection, as well as measures their skills in using Python for file processing and performing programming operations with the use of the NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, and SciKit-Learn libraries.

PCAD™ certification gives its holders confidence in their data analytics and programming skills, helps them stand out in the job market, and gives them a head start on preparing for and advancing to the professional level.

PCAD™ – Certified Associate in Data Analytics with Python certification (Exam PCAD-31-0x) is a professional, high-stakes credential that measures the candidate’s ability to perform Python coding tasks related to mining, importing, cleaning, and preparing data for analysis, manipulating data and performing statistical analyses on them, summarizing and visualizing datasets, using simple machine learning algorithms to perform predictive data modeling, and building Python solutions for data science purposes.

The PCAD™ certification shows that the individual is familiar with the following concepts: basic concepts, methodologies, and best practices in data analytics, data extraction and mining, file processing (csv, html, json, data analytics with NumPy and Pandas, data visualization with Matplotlib and Seaborn, machine learning and data modeling with SciKit-Learn.

Becoming PCAD™ certified ensures that the individual possessess comprehensive knowledge of data analytics concepts, methodologies, and best practices, as well as they are fully acquainted with all the primary means provided by Python 3 for the purposes of carrying out data analysis operations to enable them to start their own studies at an advanced level, and to open a path to the data scientist’s career.

PCAD™ certification is an interim step to the PCPD™ certification, a great motivator for self-improvement and self-development, and most importantly – the means to keep one’s Python data science skills up to date and demonstrate them to others. Becoming PCAD™ certified reflects the candidate’s interest in developing a specialized proficiency in using Python for the purposes of data analysis, as well as their ability to use it for commercial and non-commercial data analytics projects, and create, develop, and improve their own programming portfolio to increase their value in the job market.

Become PCAD™ certified and boost your career

Python is the programming language that opens more doors than any other, and the more you understand Python, the more you can do in the 21st Century. With a solid knowledge of Python, you can work in a multitude of jobs and a multitude of industries.

PCAP™ certification is a valuable credential for individuals looking to acquire the skills and knowledge essential to continue to more advanced, more specialized, and higher paying Software Development, Security, Networking, IoT, and engineering roles. It will particularly appeal to:

  • aspiring programmers and learners interested in learning programming for fun and job-related tasks;
  • learners and career changers seeking a junior-level job role as a software developer, data analyst, or tester.
  • industry professionals wishing to explore technologies that are connected with Python, or that utilize it as a foundation;
  • aspiring programmers and industry professionals looking to build a solid foundation for further studies in more specialized areas, such as testing, data analytics, machine learning, IoT, and web development;
  • team leaders, product managers, and project managers who want to understand the terminology and processes in the software development cycle to more effectively manage and communicate with production and development teams.

Python is either the highest-paid, or one of the highest-paid languages in all parts of the world today, and the salaries range between $90,000 and $130,000 a year (source: With the ever-increasing reliance on the Internet, and with Python playing an ever-growing role, the salary of the average Python programmer is almost surely to rise. Currently, there are 100,000+ unfulfilled Python jobs around the world, and the supply of qualified Python programmers is unable to match the demand.

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